Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Call To Black/African Women To Unite To Figjht Violence and Abuse of Our Sistahs Worldwide

Released From: The National Million Woman Movement on
Mon. November 23, 2009

National MWM Headquarters Philadelphia, PA

The Official Million Woman Movement and Black Women's Defense League (BWDL) Call on ALL Black/African Women to Support and Unite in the Fight to End Violence and Abuse of Sistahs, worldwide, and also in our Families and Communities.

While the debate over what and who are second class citizens in America, and who were the first to do this or that, or whether Barack Obama is good for Black folks, BLACK/African WOMEN & GIRLS ARE BEING EXPLOITED, RAPED, SOLD, MURDERED, BODIES DUMPED, MUTILATED, DISCARDED and furthered victimized routinely in the US and globally.

While just in Sept. 2009, in Philly, PA. Kamilah El Amin, 23 years of age, was intentionally ran over with a motor vehicle by someone she did not really know wherein she and her unborn child were murdered, and in Newark, NJ a woman in her 50's was stabbed to death after being stalked by a person that she had a restraining order on, and also in Newark where a woman still lies in a coma after being shot upon leaving an AA meeting.

And Then, of course, there are the mass murders of Black women in Cleveland, Ohio and Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

How does something like this happen; go undetected, unreported, and is a non issue for so long? How is it that hundreds of our women and girls are violated daily, and we hear nothing or just get little snippets? Yet, somehow, you can hear for weeks, even months, when one white or Asian female is missing, murdered, or raped.

By any chance is there a de facto second class citizenship or preferential treatment going on here by the press and so called law enforcement? And in our communities, there appers to be another double standard going on.

We must begin to examine closer some other aspects of this "anti-violence" crusade for this too is somewhat interesting a perhaps even a bit strange.

It appears that somehow the emphasis and out cry. to stop the violence in our communities in most cities, by most groups, advocates, so called officials, etc. is geared primarily to the issue of saving of our youth and the lessening of gun usage and offenses.

NOTE: When one of our Sistahs is a murdered or raped you don't hear about any major program or action coming out of that.... You don't see the community attempting to initiate anything "realistically" to work towards it not happening again, nor is the necessary support provided to someone or something that does try to do so.

Why is it that our women and girls can be missing, beaten, molested, tortured, disrespected and so forth and other than a few rallies,hype, and photo ops, no real ongoing (especially national) programs and mechanism are put amply in place to stay on top of this and take appropriate actions? Could it be that there is more energy, sympathy, dollars, and political leverage more readily obtainable in addressing this social dilemma by way of regulating it primarily to children, youth, and guns ?

Well, we can't help but to wonder, who made this format up or way of doing things and why?

And then as we look at this situation on an international scale, dare we mention how the rape and devastation of our women and girls in the Congo, Rwanda, Darfur, and the Kidnapping and Trafficking in areas such as Kenya is being handled?

And Sistahs, as Black/African Women, where are OUR Voices in this, at Home or abroad, and what are we gonna do about ANY of it? (For Real !)

Why We Must Now Take A Stand And Get Busy(er)

Too often betrayed and discarded by the press, communities/villages, governments/systems, and one another, Black women and girls are often the last on the social or political agenda to being given any REAL consideration, Real plans of Action, Real Solutions.Black women fight for anything and for anybody, but rarely, if at all, for themselves/ourselvesSomehow the notion of taking care of yourself (and your Sistahs) and giving as much attention to matters that are of specific relevance to the well being and development of African females has been placed somewhere in the ethers as not being of correctness or necessity and thus placed on the not to do and inactive file.Black women's issues have been lumped in with everyone else's which in some instances was and is a good thing, but on the other hand doing this has too often not only clouded and/or diverted from the work and need to focus of specific matters indigenous/applicable to Black/African women but is literally drawn from the strength and substance from the pushed to the side (and under) existing reality.

But, That Will All Change Now !!!

The Black Women's Defense League and Nu Maati Society will soon provide positive, well organized solution oriented programs and actions to assure that information, education, awareness, training, healing and Justice is obtained by any and all means necessary. Our building with and services to our Sistahs (and their families) will extent to our communities, inside of prisons, in the work place, institutions, and throughout the African Diaspora regardless of nationality, faith, economic status, or political affiliation.

A Special National BWDL Membership Drive will begin on December 10, 2009 thru January 31, 2010 to develop a national pro-active unit that will facilitate violence and abuse education and training programs, information and resource hot lines, Sistah Watch, monitoring, and alert systems, in addition to research work and lobbying activities, holistic healing, self-defense/protection classes, and other support services.BWDL Membership Drive will focus on the obtainment of:: Support & Active Members, Street Coordinators, Program Developers, Sistah Survivors, Brothers In Support, and so forth. Memberships start at $10.00 and donations are greatly appreciated.

To become a member, make a donation, or for more information contact the National MWM Office at: or call: 267-636-3803

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Remember, We Can and WILL Make A Difference...
MWM (C) 2009